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If you're looking for sound inspiration to move your body, and get your groove on. Follow my Spotify playlists designed for the Dance it Out and embodied movement events I teach.

{FREE Meditation}
Ease into Self Love

A beautiful gentle 20 minute guided meditation to ease you into your self-love.

This is perfect for both beginners and intermediate meditators who want guidance to tune into and cultivate their self-love. 

{FREE Meditation}
Body Scan Meditation

Step into the most fully alive embodiment of yourself. Try my free Into your Depths Meditation to turn inwards & feel your body rhythm in just 20 mins.

{FREE Meditation}
Your Intuitive Power

A beautiful gentle guided meditation to journey Into Your Pelvic Bowl (Yoni).

Our most intuitive power is ignited when we cultivate a nourishing relationship with our yoni. Our pelvic bowl holds space for this creative center within our bodies. A sacred temple that is worthy of great care, curiosity, and love.

{FREE Meditation}
Grounding into your Root

In this Yoni Root practice, we connect energetically to the earth. Allowing you to settle into the deep body, in the present moment, and let go of what does not serve you while cultivating rooted nourishing transformative energy.

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Resources on the app:

  • I have several guided Meditations for you to explore your deepest layers.

  • Easing into Self-Love Course

  • Live Events a few times per month that are donation based. Let me know if you have any requests.

Black Lives Matter Resources

Links to tools, articles, discussions, and resources to help you #dothework.

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Step into the most fully alive embodiment of yourself

Try my free Into your Depths Meditation to turn inwards & feel your body rhythm in just 20 mins.

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