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Get it Out! 
Healing Anger & Powerful Emotion

A self-paced Course in Emotional Release

Women, and non-binary beings tapping into their inner shadow, the unseen, and releasing.


Explore what's standing in the way of your light and love.

This 5- week online course will take you deeper, into creating a toolkit that you can integrate into your regular life to help you embrace that part of yourself, and allow everything to hang out.

In order to recognize it, and release it.


So you can be you, authentically.


We are wild, passionate, stormy beings. But most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, silencing what we experience as negative emotions, especially concerning anger. It leaves us feeling misunderstood, drained and stuck when we don’t express our emotions fully. Or when we put on a mask or show hurt, when the core emotion we feel is anger.


Suppressed emotions lock our energy up in unhealthy ways. Releasing fear, anger, sadness, bitterness, and anxiety frees locked up energy, making it available to your vitality.

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Release. Emotion. Stillness. Centered. Womb. Core. Express. Truth. Raw. Transform.

In this journey you will grow a toolkit to respond to your emotions and feelings, instead of storing them up.

Everything in life is feedback, and unless we acknowledge what our emotions are trying to tell us and give them a space, it’s difficult to understand the lessons we can take from our experiences. We end up carrying them around, buried inside of us, weighing us down, and colouring our world. The authentic you is buried underneath all of that destructive behaviour. Our focus will be anger and fear, but tools can also be used for other negative emotions such as grief and anxiety. This course will take you deeper, into creating a toolkit that you can integrate into your regular life to help you embrace that part of yourself, and allow everything to hang out. In order to recognize it, and release it. So you can be you, authentically.

Trixie Hölsgens

"Juel helped me to get in touch with myself, with my emotions, my shadows, my truth. An intense process but I felt safe all the time thanks to the bubble (safe space) she created for me. Her personal coaching sessions, the anger release course, the circle and the (online) dancing.... it was all part of a wonderful transformation to me and very insightful in general as well. I really learned a lot! Juel is an intelligent and intuitively strong person. She has the tools and the magic to help you feel free. I can warmly recommend her work: her love and energy!"

Ervina Elmont

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and giving me tools to deal and release unneeded energies and setting stronger boundaries for myself. During your sessions I feel challenged to push myself and feel safe to do so. Thank you, I feel more empowered!"

You will explore your entire being & get back in touch with your aliveness through conscious embodied movement and practices streaming into the comfort of your own home.

Where you face your fear, anger, negative self-talk, and judgement … and heal past wounds, the exhausted overwhelm, disconnected stuckedness.

Re-connect, embody, trust and love what has always been inside of you.

During and after this this course:

  • Learn meditations and practices to connect you more deeply into your inner world of emotions

  • Explore what stands in the way of your inner truth, power and authenticity

  • Meet your inner shadow, the dark unseen part of you, what you hide

  • Practice a healthier expression and release of your emotion through bodywork, movement, rituals, sounding, interacting with others

  • Learn what you do to repress and control

  • Explore your authentic voice

  • Use tools to acknowledge and express your inner YES and NO (boundaries)

  • Experience more freedom in your body

  • Feel lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted

Take time to get to know yourself better

Nicky W.

"Juel taught me how to be more in touch with my body and my emotions. And specifically on how to express them in a healthy way. It felt SUPER liberating to feel and free that energy in me and to realize how little space there is for this in our society (or our own belief systems). Juel is a beautiful, strong, feminine and grounded teacher and space holder and I’m super grateful for her on my path. I advise every woman to join this course at least one time and explore what’s living inside that wants be revealed."

Judith Sleddens

"The first time I met with Juel I was captivated by her sparkling appearance and strong but soft energy. In her workshops and lessons, I feel challenged to move freely and let go of unnecessary tension. Juel creates a safe space to be yourself and explore with body and mind. After a class I feel more present and connected to my body and emotions. It’s wonderful to work with Juel and recommend everyone to dance it out!"

This is an invitation to take time for you. 

Learning practices and rituals that you can integrate into your daily life in a space where you are allowed to be your most vulnerable, raw self as you meet your inner shadow, the dark unseen part of you, what you hide. Unlearning your tendency to make yourself smaller or adjust to your world at your own expense.

And you can do it all in your own rhythm, repeating what is needed whenever you wish. Or whenever it is needed. 

In this work it is so important to meet yourself where you are. There's nothing to push. The healing comes in your growing ability to stay present with the emotions that exist inside of you.

Physicality, energy, sensation, power can be re-awakened inside of you with every practice. 

High - Level Curriculum

Each week has a theme and an overview to welcome you into the practices provided. It is self-paced so there is no scheduling needed. All sessions are recorded for your own convenience.


Overview - Week 1 

Part 1 - Stepping into Safety - Pre-Meditation Practice    

Part 2 - Conscious Emotional Intimacy    

Part 3 - Inviting your Warrior    

Part 4 - Dance it Out Practice          



Overview- Week 2      

Part 1 - Gainers & Drainers    

Part 2 - Invoking the Deep Voice    

Part 3 - Embodied Emotions Flow    

Part 4 - Grief Relief          



Overview- Week 3    

Part 1 - Shake it Out    

Part 2 - Get it all out Journaling Ritual          



Overview- Week 4    

Part 1 - The Release Kit    

Part 2 - Softening the Emotional Storm    

Part 3 - Healing breath of Light          



Overview - Week 5    

Part 1 - Eyes Wide Shut Shake   

Part 2 - Womb as your guide    

Part 3 - Intuitive Intimacy  

What to expect?


Meditations, visualisations, practices, rituals, movement, and dance inspired by Feminine Arts, Afro-Carib Healing Arts, Indigenous Rootwork, Breath work, Tao Tantric Arts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness, grounded within the healing & coaching work I do.


I will provide you with exercises, practices, information and rituals that you can use for your personal benefit, as a learning experience, to challenge yourself, and to step into more authentic and pleasurable states of being.

This is a self-paced online course. You will receive new sessions and practices every couple of days which you are free to do in your own time.

What you need?


  • A notebook / journal and pen.

  • Something to drink - preferably herbal tea or water.

  • Tissues for tears.

  • Soft, flowing clothing that are easy to move in, and make you feel softness – whatever that means to you. A scarf or sweater to keep warm if needed.

  • You will need a safe space where you won't be disturbed.


Josje Leijdekkers

"Thank you Juel for creating a safe space and offering the tools to help me get in touch with my anger. It has enabled me to reconnect with my fire🔥 Anger was always a difficult emotion for me to express, and doing so under your guidance has made all the difference. Since following the 3-week course Healing Anger I feel more in touch with my boundaries and empowered to express those to others. ❤️"

Anna v L.

"I love how Juel focusses on the physical aspect of emotions and leads us away from our analytical mind that loves creating stories, rationalizing, explaining… “stay with your feelings, where do you feel it in the body, what do you feel, can you give it space?”… To be able to really feel, express and let go of emotions such as anger, pain and grief in a group of women, felt very liberating and special and I’m very grateful for this experience. Also Juel has given us tools to bring home and continue our practice by ourselves.. something I’m enjoying quite a lot. Before I’ve always felt stuck and helpless when experiencing anger, not knowing how to deal with it, or dealing with it in a destructive matter and now I’m ‘armed’ with a set of tools and exercises I can turn to whenever I want. I think this course helped me greatly on my path of healing and acceptance and getting in tune with myself and I would recommend it to every woman out there!"

Is this right for you?

The womxn joining this journey are serious about:

  • Slowing down to feel into your inner truth

  • Honouring every part of your journey and self

  • Tuning in to your own rhythm to start deepening your inner listening

  • Releasing what is no longer serving you

  • Being honest with yourself as you discover who you are now

  • Learning to love and trust yourself in the most compassionate ad kind way

  • Spreading out & integrating self loving care into daily life

  • Growing your inner safety and opening to allow it to unfold

  • Letting go of the need to push, push, push yourself & when that part of you pops up to surround it with love and come back to body

If this resonates & you still want to digest 🤍

Add your details here to receive juicy details on my own personal anger journey and how this got created in the first place

See you in the bubble ;)

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