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Why I teach weekly classes as a coach

Hello You,

With over 10 years of creating containers for people to dive into themselves, and slow down to embody their truth. I often get asked why I still teach weekly classes.

My deepest love of holding space for others is to create a containers of safety so we can dive deep. I honour the process of this so much that I do everything I can to keep sharpen my skills.

So why do I teach a couple of weekly classes? In this episode I explain why, with hopes that it also invites you to feel into what you do to keep yourself sharp as you create spaces for others.

Have a listen or a watch and let me know what resonates.

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See you soon.

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PS. You can dive into ways to reunite with your essence, pleasure & body with me here.


Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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