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PROGRAMS: Challenges

Essence Membership Program

Remembering Body, Soul & Power

An Online Journey of

Embodiment & Awakening

Women and non-binary queens tapping into their inner shadow, the unseen, and releasing.
Explore what's standing in the way of your light & love.

This is an invitation to take time for you. Stepping out of the modern day world routine, get to know your deepest self and what works for you so you can take care of yourself unapologetically.

Creating space in your life where you get to be yourself, exactly as you are. There is a deeper listening that comes when we allow ourselves to slow down to what is present inside of you. It awakens an intuition that connects you to your essence and power.

Learn practices and rituals that you can integrate into your daily life in a space where you are allowed to be your most vulnerable, raw self as you meet your inner shadow. Unlearning your tendency to make yourself smaller or adjust to your world at your own expense. 

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