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Walking through life as a queen

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Hey Love, Imagine for a moment that you walked through life like a queen. Guided by your powerful intuition, allowing your inner essence to be expressed unapologetic-ally. Standing within the power of your fierce inner lioness when facing your shadows. Allowing your softness to flow as you surrender to the gifts in life. Giving yourself the safety you need by listening to your rhythm, and not pushing too hard. Remembering your body, your pleasure, your needs, your passion, your soul. As a Queen, you allow yourself to be fiercely you. Facing your full self, your inner truths – the dark and light. No lies. A life journey of pulling off the veil of deception to see what your essence actually is. Choosing to BE you. To express yourself. As you are. This is a choice. And it takes courage. This type of courage doesn’t judge you for not conquering every single inner fear. Or getting it ‘right’ every single time. This courage doesn't stuff away emotions, or believes that emotions are weak. It doesn't shame you for not knowing. This type of courage is the kind that helps you become aware of the fears that are there. Supports you in loving yourself enough to honour those fears and takes you on journeys to provide the safety you need for true transformation. To unlock all parts that stands in your way of wholeness. Learning to bring your full self to the surface, by peeling off all of the conditioned layers you’ve wrapped yourself in, as a way of fitting in. This includes giving space for the parts of you that are emotional, that may have limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, doubts, anxieties…. Being willing to stand out, by acknowledging that we are all different, each one so unique in this existence, in this version of ourselves in this moment. Knowing that you have fears like everyone else, and facing them to bring your true authentic self into the co-creation of life. And giving yourself what you need.

Not waiting for others to give it to you. You are the absolute expert in taking care of you, when you teach yourself how. No one knows you, better than you. No matter how much you’ve learned to give that power away. Think about that for a moment. It's intense to face your life in your pure truth. Authentically. That's why it takes courage because that can feel so fucking scary sometimes. So raw. And it takes practice. One of the main patterns that keep women from stepping into their essence and owning their personal power is the reluctance to own their full range of emotion. To allow it and to take responsibility for it.

This energy gets stuck in your 3rd chakra - the solar plexus, the center of your personal power. This power is not collective, it isn't shared. It is a unique expression of your being and your individual life force.

Basically, it's YOU. Your power. When it’s out of balance, it can fester into competitive ego struggles.

​Split into 2 = Complete polarization.

On the one hand, an energy of survival through a belief of scarcity. Always searching to gain and have more. More business success, being a better mom, being more attractive, more sexual, more material riches, being smarter, more emotionally intelligent...etc. All based on your beliefs and map of the world. You might find yourself running for more, more, more.

And on the other hand, a suppression and denial of power. Adopting a victim role, becoming a vanilla cupcake so you are easily digestible by all, but don't stand out, and therefore easily forgotten or replaced by something more unique. Giving away power to blend in and not be too much.

We all get caught up in the ego, which leads to a build-up of frustrations and anger when we buy into these beliefs that are not part of our inner truth. Building awareness, and learning to express your truths around your negative emotions, support you in stepping into your power.

And what helps you quieten the loud voices and tune into what your inner truth is… Yes, you guessed it – your body. Which brings us to the practice I want to share with you today. What do you need right now? What does your body need right now? Listening to your body on what you need in this very moment. Not listening to what I tell you to do. Or awaiting guidance from someone else on how to get into your body. If you've practiced any of the tools I've shared or that you've learned in your journey of life - which one do you need now? Yes. My mission is to help guide you back to your body. Back to your needs. This is your chance to practice. Life is your playground. Your needs may have changed, and sometimes a practice that worked last week isn’t what you need right now.

And sometimes a practice needs even more practice :) So choose one. Adapt one. Play with it and have fun – it doesn’t need to be super serious to work for you. Set your timer. Or don’t. Feel into what you need for your ‘me-time’. It’s your precious time for you. If you need more support in exploring these themes, or taking this even deeper into your anger, fears, emotions, transformation, sensuality, body. I’m always happy to help – you can book a 1-1 coaching session with me. You can also check out the next Get it Out – Healing Negative Emotion course to get you really started on your way back to standing in your full Queen power. A hug up to you. ​One Love,


PS. You can dive into more of my musings on my blog here and explore ways to reunite with your essence, pleasure & body with me here.


Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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