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Hungry for healing?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Have you ever felt hungry to learn new ways to come closer to yourself?

I have. And I've learned to stop.

Googling all kinds of modalities and doing research. Finding ways to immerse myself and to integrate. Exploring new voices, and energies. To fully step into my inner eternal student of life.

I used to catch myself having phases of downloading meditations, practices, signing up for workshops or newsletters, watching YouTube, insight timer.... some ending up in a pile of other downloaded things or 'to watch' playlists that I just didn't have enough hours for.

Learning new modalities and making connections between them is part of my inner workings. That's how I experience it. It comes naturally and easily.

I am inspired by it.

And yet one of the biggest gifts that came in the form of energetic overwhelm, was learning to stop. To integrate so purely, surrender into just being, just living.

To observe and witness my own inner wisdom. And the intuitive connection to all. That already knows the ways. That already knows the answers, practices.

Letting go of those moments of falling into that consuming hungry cycle.

A cycle that doesn't actually help you do anything.

And to allow what needs to unfold, to unfold.

This doesn't mean I stop learning new things. But when I feel the hunger, it is a sign for me to stop and feel into what that internal noise is telling me.

How do you experience this? Drop me a line and let me know.

One Love,


PS. You can dive into ways to reunite with your essence, pleasure & body with me here.


Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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