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BLISS #1: Deep Sensual Connection - A Course in Feminine Embodiment

With the Bliss Series we offer 5 different courses - each their own theme that blend together as a profound rite of self-love, healing and pleasure.


Deep Sensual Connection - A Course in Feminine Embodiment

Women exploring and surrendering to that sensuous honey like warmth inside. Getting in touch with themselves. Explore what's standing in the way of your light and love.

Luscious. Connected. Dance. Authentic. Honey. Depth. Embody. Play. Flow. Centered.

We live in a ‘mental’ world – where it’s easy to get stuck in your head. Living life almost exclusively by thinking your way through it. Getting caught up in stress, rushing, pressure and expectations, leaving you unable to relax into the body and feeling numb. This can have you feeling disconnected or shut off from your natural flow of life, sensuality, sexually, and desires.

Slowing down to feel into your body’s rhythm is a simple way to bring your focus inside, tap into what makes you feel alive and connect into what is truly present for you in the moment. Opening the senses while learning to filter out the noise of the world gives space to dive deeper into the body and into you.

The practice of moving from this inner core, creates more presence and awareness of your personal needs and desires. Experience your full body exuberance as you holistically dive deep into your sensual flow.

In this 3 week course, you will explore and feel your entire being through luscious mindful embodied movement and practices, feminine arts, Caribbean and Afro dance, tao tantric practices, intuitive healing, breath work and stillness. Cut through modern day noise, and get back in touch with yourself.

During and after this this course:

· Feel alive as you connect into that feeling of sensuous honey like warmth inside

· Reawaken your playful spirit and feel like you came to this life to play

· Quieten the chatter box of noise in your head

· More connected to you and your body

· Navigate from your inner voice to feel more centered

· Dive into the wisdom of the body

· Start cultivating a relationship with your inherent feminine erotic energy

· Enhance your relationship with your yoni

· Move with the elements, architypes, and sisterhood

· Stay connected to yourself when in the presence of others

What to expect? Meditations, visualisations, practices, rituals, movement, and dance inspired by Feminine Arts, Afro-Carib Healing Arts, Breath work, Tao Tantric Arts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness, grounded within the healing & coaching work I do.

I will provide you with exercises, practices, and rituals that you can use for your personal benefit, as a learning experience, to challenge yourself, and to step into more authentic and pleasurable states of being.

What you need? A notebook / journal and pen. Soft, flowing clothing that are easy to move in, and make you feel feminine – whatever that means to you. A scarf or sweater to keep warm.

No specific experience is required, an attitude to be open to explore, and be conscientious respect for the journey of others.

Here are the 5 parts of this journey:

See you soon.

One love,



Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.


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