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Reunite with your essence & power

It's time to be unapologetically You

In the noise of today's world, it’s so easy to lose touch with yourself. Your inward connection to the natural flow of life. Instead getting caught up in stress, rush, pressure and expectations.

I’m inviting your to remember your depths. The primal essence within you that is intuitive, pure, wild, and free.

It is the pulse you were born with. I want you to re-connect with that inner source of power, the guidance of your intuition, your nourishing pleasure, and the naturally intelligent rhythm of your body. 

To remember you. To be you. All of you. Authentically.

Together we create space for you to reconnect, awaken, embody and love what has always been inside of you — your raw truth, your passionate magic, your exquisite sensuality, your authentic voice, your sexy inner queen.

Embrace your inner source by exploring, and becoming aware of, your mind, body, behaviors, patterns, needs and emotions.

It's time to start a deeply nourishing relationship with yourself.

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Step into the most fully alive embodiment of yourself

Try my free Into your Depths Meditation to turn inwards & feel your body rhythm in just 20 mins.

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Hi, I'm Juel McNeilly

I help people unpeel the layers blocking them from being more of who they are, so they can live an authentic life connected to their body, pleasure and passion. 

Guiding people back to their inner source of power, self-healing, and to embrace a deeply nourishing relationship with themselves.

Coaching and teaching for 10 years, and on my own conscious, ever unfolding journey for almost 20 years, has given me insight into the inner workings of our body, mind, emotion, and spirit connection – along with a vast toolkit of practices and tools.

I want you to know how to reconnect, embody and love what has always been inside of you. To transform your relationship with fear, judgement, disconnect, guilt, and overwhelm. And feel able to integrate what you learn into real life.

When you feel able to embrace and embody life as it unfolds, you open up to your own blissful stillness, self-loving nourishment, and peaceful inner power.

With my eternal fascination about the mystery of life, I am constantly studying new modalities and integrating them into my being. And I have so much to share with you. 

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ESSENCE Monthly Membership Program

Remembering Body, Soul & Power

The Essence Journey is an invitation to take time for you. Stepping out of the modern day world routine, get to know your deepest self and what works for you so you can take care of yourself unapologetically.

Learn practices and rituals that you can integrate into your daily life in a space where you are allowed to be your most vulnerable, raw self as you meet your inner shadow and light.

Step into aliveness. By remembering your soul essence, igniting your sensuous feminine, knowing your magical power.

Juel helped me to get in touch with myself, with my emotions, my shadows, my truth. An intense proces but I felt safe all the time thanks to the bubble (safe space) she created for me. Her personal coaching sessions, the anger release course, the circle and the (online) dancing.... it was all part of a wonderful transformation to me and very insightful in general as well. I really learned a lot! Juel is an intelligent and intuitively strong person. She has the tools and the magic to help you feel free. I can warmly recommend her work: her love and energy!

Trixie Hölsgens

Step into the most fully alive embodiment of yourself

Try my free Into your Depths Meditation to turn inwards & feel your body rhythm in just 20 mins.

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Get it Out!
Healing Anger + Powerful Emotion

Do you ever feel misunderstood, drained and stuck? As if you aren't able to express yourself fully and end up putting on a mask instead or lashing out.

You are not alone.

Most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, silencing emotions.

That's why I created this 5- week course will take you deeper into your inner world of emotion. To start creating a toolkit that you can integrate into your regular life. Helping you to respond in a healthy way to your emotions and feelings, instead of storing them up, numbing yourself or exploding.

Want to join the next Breast Health Event?

Save your Seat🤍

Deepen your awareness with your body & breasts to awaken deep feminine energy and/or if you feel disconnected, de-sensitized, or insecure.

Grounds Podcast on your favourite platform

Providing safe and loving grounds that support you in re-connecting with yourself and life. Meeting the world behind the eyes. I explore the fullness of being, body, mind, soul and relating to others. Growing and weaving consciousness, grounding and love into life's rhythm through embracing, embodying & evolving.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

On my channel you can find the filmed podcast, practices, meditations, visualizations, and explorations to support you in re-connecting with your inner source of power and essence. EMBRACE. EMBODY. EVOLVE

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Resources on the app:

  • I have several guided Meditations for you to explore your deepest layers.

  • Easing into Self-Love Course

  • Live Events a few times per month that are donation based. Let me know if you have any requests.

{FREE Meditation}
Ease into Self Love

A beautiful gentle 20 minute guided meditation to ease you into your self-love.

This is perfect for both beginners and intermediate meditators who want guidance to tune into and cultivate their self-love. 

{FREE Meditation}
Your Intuitive Power

A beautiful gentle guided meditation to journey Into Your Pelvic Bowl (Yoni).

Our most intuitive power is ignited when we cultivate a nourishing relationship with our yoni. Our pelvic bowl holds space for this creative center within our bodies. A sacred temple that is worthy of great care, curiosity, and love.

{FREE Meditation}
Grounding into your Root

In this Yoni Root practice, we connect energetically to the earth. Allowing you to settle into the deep body, in the present moment, and let go of what does not serve you while cultivating rooted nourishing transformative energy.

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