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Self-Love Journey: 6 Part Meditation Bundle

Self-Love Journey: 6 Part Meditation Bundle

This is a 6 part journey into your being, slowing down to feel as you ease into self-love.


By honouring your body and being as a sacred space, you will give yourself the safety you need to restore the separation between you and your core. As a radical act of your own self-love, these meditations will help you take the time to get to know and love yourself more.


Step by step.


This is a journey and like all journeys it feels best if you savour each step.

Instead of trying to do it all at once, it is designed to take your time between each meditation to integrate and feel what surfaces for you. If you want to take it even further, you are welcome to journal, be in nature, be with the sensations in your body, vent, pamper yourself - give yourself what you need to give space for love.


The first track "Easing into Self-Love" is available to download for free at


• Re-connect to your body and honour it as a sacred space • Feel the sensations of your aliveness

• Cultivate spaciousness inside for self-love

• Flow more effortlessly into directions you want to go

• Slow down to consciously respond to discomfort or negative patterns with presence

• Restore energy

• Start a healing journey into understanding the parts of your being that want self protection

• Own your needs and reclaim your centre when making decisions

• Start a journey into giving yourself the love you feel you are missing

• Grow the grounds to know what it feels like to feel loved This is your invitation to join this journey into you.

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