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Own your Life Guidebook

Own your Life Guidebook

Many women out there struggle with juggling it all. Everything that life sends your way, the different roles you fill, the different hats you wear. Managing work, children, relationships, family, expectations coming in from every direction, including from you.... You are definitely not alone.


In this fast paced, goal-oriented society we live in, it’s a challenge to be able to feel like yourself, as a human, let alone your essence as a woman / womxn. 


In this guidebook, you will find carefully designed practices, meditations, and exercises. They will support you on your journey of re-connection with yourself, help you to grow your self-awareness, and create simple and powerful Ladylicious habits to be the full YOU that you are. 


Every single woman deserves to live a life where they feel connected to themselves, so they can express their unique feminine nature in its full power. This wild, unruly power is part of our natural essence as women. It is revealed once all of the layers of personal, cultural and societal conditioning have been removed. This guidebook will start you off on this path.


I want you to take care of yourself, and I believe that when you do, you can acknowledge how completely and wonderfully unique you are in your authentic essence. True freedom lives here.

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