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How to ground into your Womb

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Hey Love,

Being ungrounded can make you feel anxious and out of control, as you are easily influenced by other people's feelings and your environment. It makes it harder to feel safe, create, or achieve what you want. Grounding into your Yoni / Womb restores your inner harmony.

In this Yoni Root practice, we connect energetically to the earth. Allowing you to settle into the deep body, in the present moment, and let go of what does not serve you while cultivating rooted nourishing transformative energy.

It is a beautiful addition to any yoni work you are currently practicing.

Let me know how it goes.

One Love,


PS. You can dive into ways to reunite with your essence, pleasure & body with me here.


Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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