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Connect to your primal awareness {Free Practice}

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It’s time to start talking about your primal awareness and intelligence. The intuitive feminine goddess wisdom and energy that has you experiencing life by feeling it. For most of us, separation from our innate, natural way of being in life started way before you could speak to express it. As you grew up, social conditioning takes away your natural instinct to just be you. Unapologetic-ally you. It places a social construct that exists in the head space of us all on some level – agreements that were created and handed to you to uphold as if there were no choice – through culture, language, media, family, beliefs, ... etc. It creates the map of the world through which you live and experience everything. And what keeps you there? Fear. Not the kind that jumps out to startle you, but the creeping, constant kind that has you experiencing life as if you haven’t got it quite right. Making you feel as though you are lacking in some way. Gnawing softly, and sometimes imperceptibly, on the inside. Be honest with yourself, what is the nature of all the thoughts and voices in your head? What patterns come up for you during meditation or alone time? What distracts you? What are the voices saying? What feelings are there? Visions? Procrastination? Emotions? All of this noise in your head disconnects you from your body awareness – your Primal intelligence. This primal part of you helps you feel grounded and centered. In the here and now. Flowing and still. The part that knows that trying to resolve everything by intellectually understanding it, doesn't get us further than perhaps understanding circumstances and story. It is also the part of you that is capable of true transformation. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, and you can dive deeper into that in my upcoming Bliss Intensive. One step at a time. Starting with today’s practice.

Stepping into your 5-sense reality (25 minute practice).

You’ll need a notebook and a quiet comfy place to sit or lay down where you won’t be disturbed. You can set a timer for 5 minutes – try to use a soft alarm that isn’t too harsh on the senses. You will need to reset this timer 5 times – 1x per sense: Sight (Vision), Hearing (Auditory), Smell (Olfactory), Taste (Gustatory), Touch (Tactile). Take about a few minutes to slow down your breath. Deepening it with every breath. Allow your body to surrender to gravity. When you feel heavier. Start the 5 minute timer for each of the senses:

  1. Sight: In the softest, most gentlest of ways observe the world around you. Experience your environment through your eyes. Looking straight ahead, and slightly higher than head level. Focus on a spot in front of you. What can you see? Absorb the world into your eyes. Notice colours, where the light is coming from, any darkness, shades of colours , what’s in focus, what you can see in your peripheral view, what is near and far, if anything is moving and how light works on that, play with focus, zoom in and out of things… allow yourself to absorb the peripheral as well.

  2. Hearing: Close your eyes and listen. What can you hear? What are the loudest sounds? Most noticeable? Is there a constant sound? Sounds nearby or far away? Is there any quieter sound that you can hear through all of the other sounds? Stillness or silence? Can you hear your breath or heartbeat? Have you got a preference of sounds? Is there a sound that you couldn't hear before now?

  3. Smell: Eyes closed still. What can you smell? Can you distinguish specific smells? Strong or pleasing smells? Whispers of smells that pass by? Does it get deeper? Lighter? Are there layers?

  4. Taste: Eyes stay closed. Bring your breath to your nose and your awareness into your mouth. Slowly move your awareness around the inside of the lips to the very back of the tongue. Is there a taste already present? Does it change in different parts of the mouth? Now gently part the lips and bring your breath in slowly. Is there a taste to the air? Does the taste change as it moves deeper into the mouth?

  5. Touch: Eyes closed. Feel into where your body makes contact with whatever surface you are on. Feel gravity on the body. How does the breath feel entering the body? What are the sensations? Now gently awaken movement in the fingers. Allow each finger to move against the one next to it. Explore your hands with touch as if you were a baby just discovering you have hands. Are some areas more sensitive? Are some parts ticklish? Numb? Can you feel both sides of touch – the hand that is touching and the part being touched?

Stay relaxed in your senses for as long as feels good for you. Then journal your experience. That’s it. Practice this in the upcoming days, weeks. I'd love to hear how you experience this.

See you soon.

One love,



Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.


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