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All about boobs

Updated: May 23, 2023


Throughout history, breasts have been fascinating, multi-functional bundles of delight and insecurities for both women and men. They come in all shapes and sizes. Big or small, asymmetric or not, they all have the power of stimulating arousal, producing milk to nourish another human being, re-connecting you with your heart center, heal layers of armor, and opening the gateway to female arousal.

Yet so many of us learn to deny our bodies, and often it starts with our breasts. The messages that you received throughout your life directly, physically and unconsciously contribute to this disconnection. When you live a life detached from your body and breasts due to fear, shame and self-judgement, it can leave you feeling unloved, insecure and undesirable.

Feel into that for a moment. What are the first thoughts and beliefs that come to mind when you think about breasts?

Now I believe there are 2 forms of knowing that help transform your relationship. The first is starting an actual relationship with them - more on that below and in my other breast blogs here and here. And the second is literally increasing your knowledge about them.

And that is what I will share with you below.

The breasts

Take a little moment to observe the diagram, and don’t be shy to have a feel at your own. It’s your boob!

They are composed of a series of glandular tubules, surrounded by a thick layer of fatty tissue. The skin of the breasts and décolleté, is thin and delicate – so be gentle with it, and be sure to keep it nourished.

In the middle of each breast, there is a darker, circular area called the areola, which raises into a nipple. Though the size of the areola varies per woman, they’re all made up of a special erectile tissue, which is why they perk up when you’re aroused. Right behind the areola, you’ll find small tubules, which swell up during pregnancy producing milk, which flows into tinier tubes that open up into even tinier openings on the nipple.

The mammary glands are designed to nurture an infant, and regulate their bodily systems. They work rhythmically between mother and child; create skin to skin contact necessary for bonding; and ideal nutrition. A baby fed with breast milk alone can never be overweight.

Our menstrual cycle affects our breasts, due to the fluctuation of hormones affecting the glands. This means they can undergo quite dramatic changes in size, shape, texture, and sensitivity throughout your cycle.

People living in female bodies should perform a breast examination at some point between the 7th and 9th day of their cycle. Be sure that your period is over, and don’t forget to do it arms raised, checking under the armpits, spiraling in slowly from the outside with the tips of your fingers, towards the nipples.

Massage is a great way to deepen your awareness with your body, and awaken deep feminine energy. If you feel de-sensitized or insecure about their size, shape, existence, massage can rebuild a connection with your body and heart center. Helping you to feel more love.

Tip: Going bra-less as often as possible gives your skin the possibility of strengthening itself, due to the bounce! I don’t mean jogging around, but freeing your boobs when you get home after work, or whenever you possibly can manage it, is healthier. Plus, who doesn’t love that moment when you take off your bra… yum!

If you want to know more, especially for those of you who want to deepen your awareness with your body & breasts to awaken deep feminine energy. Or if you feel disconnected, de-sensitized or insecure about them. Check more info about Connecting to your Breast and The Art of Breast Massage Sessions here. If you're already interested, there's a waiting list to join the next one below.

See you soon.

One love,


Featured Blog photograph: Vixen Effect


Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.


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