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Connecting to your Breasts Waiting list

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Many of us learn to deny our bodies, and often it starts with our breasts. When you live a life detached from your body / breasts due to fear, shame and self-judgement, it can leave you feeling unloved, insecure and undesirable.

When you give yourself space to live life fully embracing them with devotion, a part of you opens and softens to a deeper self-love.

This is especially for those who want to deepen their awareness with their body & breasts to awaken deep feminine energy and if you feel disconnected, de-sensitized or insecure about them.

many of us learn to deny our bodies, and it often starts with our breasts

I created this journey to start you off with a basis to continue your own massage exploration. When you come back home to yourself and your body, you:

  • Expand the intimate knowledge of your breasts 

  • Allows space to give yourself loving attention, instead of only giving to others. 

  • Tap into your pleasure

  • Better understand your turn-on to life,

  • Unlock bottled-up emotions

When a woman is connected to what turns her on to aliveness, she is in her power.

This session provides you with a foundational nourishing start to reconnecting with your breasts, in the most gentle of ways.

I will provide you with information to deepen your awareness, a simple self-care routine, including massage techniques that you can integrate into your (daily) life. 

Add your info to save your seat today.

Save your Seat🤍

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