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When drama comes knocking...


All of those moments that you feel yourself being pulled into drama. You know those moments, as if the stage is ready and waiting for your usual pattern to play center stage.

When your emotions are literally bubbling, or the overwhelm of stress and fears has become paralyzing.

When distraction and anxiety flood your system. The experience of lacking haunts.

Or maybe for you it feels like your head won’t shut the fuck up.

You are not alone.

I know in my life I've learned that the best way of becoming present within myself is to slow down.

I know it's something I keep sharing, but only because it has been the best tool, the best teacher. To allow myself to get out of the chatter by feeling what sensations actually exist in the body. And to stay present with them.

When I say 'actually exist', I mean without interpretation.

Without the story and general noise of the brain trying to figure it all out.

So not finding contraction within and labeling it anger or hurt or numb or too much or ..... whatever your go to answer it. But to feel the actual sensations in my body. The tingles, contractions, temperature, pulsing, pressure, ache....

Be with it. Just be with it. And breathe.

No, it isn't super easy especially if you've practiced interpreting everything with that beautiful head.

When I started speaking the sensation and location aloud to myself, I realized that there aren't that many actual sensations to describe. Once story was removed, it all came down to energy.


To find a way into myself away from the pulls of the world, and the pulls of my conditioned head took practice. A lot of practice...

And as I'm sure you already know from experience, it can sometimes feel impossible to get away from the draining buzz of the brain. That wants to connect that energy to story, wants to find some reason, some explanation, some one to project that energy on to.

But it became, and still becomes easier and easier to lean into my body and energy when the stage call of drama rings.

Somewhere inside of every one of us, we know that there is so much that we cannot 'think' our way through, or out of.

And this is where body comes in.

How does it communicate with you? I'd love to hear how you experience that deep communication.

See you soon.

One Love,



Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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