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Connecting to your Breasts - My Breast Journey

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Yes. I have been posting a lot about breasts. This is because I believe they are a beautiful route back to your loving essence, back to self-love, and standing in your full power.

A connected being who stands in full being.

In my life, massage and sacred touch has been a source of reconnection with my Self. Creating a space within that was peaceful and compassionate, yet also sensual. Especially in the sometimes confusing journey towards and during motherhood.

They've been on a rollercoaster of sizes throughout my life, any fluctuation of weight started directly with them. But the peak right after giving birth when they engorged to what seemed like 2.5 times my sons head took me off guard. It filled me with both awe and genuine amazement of my magical body, but also slight worry of what might happen to them when the milk was gone.

The moment I made the intention of becoming a mother a couple of years before becoming pregnant to my surprise they started lactating. Yes, lactating during sex - showing me, again, how powerful the soul-body connection is.

With breastfeeding, I've had to come to terms with them being a source of nourishment for another entire being, who has had his own schedule. A surrender, beautiful and strange. At times exhausting, painful, surprising, fulfilling, loving, and completely natural.

I've seen how they could fill up, doubling in size, needing their own supportive pillow. Quite literally a breast pillow. They've leaked, sprayed, dripped by themselves. Physically responding to my son more than I've ever experienced them responding to me.

They've felt hard as coral, firm, tight, full, soft as a pillow. All the while, being complete nourishment for my son. Not only being the place where he could find all the actual sustenance he needed, and a support for his immune system, but an emotional comfort, instant de-stressor and a source of calm deep connection and love.

Throughout my life, my hands have often been drawn to hold them. In normal conversation, spontaneously and literally anywhere. If I felt unconsciously comfortable and safe within myself, I could find myself slipping my hand into my shirt to hold them. This part of my body that sometimes just needs holding, without intention. With simple presence. An innocent act that somehow is almost a taboo thing to do.... and why?!?!?!?!

Before I started connecting through touch and massage, I experienced many moments in my life of feeling disconnect. Insecure about their shape, texture, various sizes. Especially being surrounded by people not of the same ethnic mixture as me - there was little to compare with. And after random comments from doctors about their texture and not having much experience of the feeling of other breasts at the time. An insecurity was planted within me that only healed with my own re-connective practice.

Massage and touch changed my relationship with them.

It brought me closer to myself. Through feeling them, breathing into and with them, I learned to experience their energy, and the actual sensations that existed within. It helped me cultivate an inner relationship based in love. This made the outer experience matter less and less. Becoming less important or powerful.

Massage doesn't mean scheduling an hour a day, time which rarely anyone has on a daily basis. It means bringing a simple conscious caring touch - regularly. Taking some time out in small doses to reconnect and re-sensitize. And when it calls you, you can always add in some extended exploration. Whether you have full breasts to grab on to, if you are small breasted with less to hold, or if you've had your breast tissues removed. Connecting to the energy, to the actual sensations, staying present with what emotions/resistance arises when breathing into your hands as they hold. This is such an important practice of re-connecting to self. To body.

I would love to support you in starting this journey. And to hear from those of you who already practice breast massage.

If you feel inspired and want to connect to your breasts, sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date on upcoming workshop and online course dates and details.

See you soon.

One Love,



Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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