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Wisdom of the Womb: Living in Cycles

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Tired of judging yourself all of the time? Beating yourself up for PMS? Feeling emotional? Not feeling in tune with yourself? ​ Grounding into the natural rhythms of your own menstrual cycle is a practice that allows you to be more authentically in tune with your body, in the present moment, and feel safe, creative, empowered and nourished. ​ You can experience your cycle on a whole new level by making deep connections into your inner feelings and body at each stage of your cycle. Look at it as an intimate journey into the delicate rhythms of your inner being. You can use archetypes as guides for each week of your cycle in sync with the moon, which can easily be applied to your own (moon) cycle. ​ Surrendering into the wisdom of your womb, at each unique stage of your cycle allows you to acknowledge the full scope of your talents and gifts, know their value, and more easily achieve what you desire. It gives space to feel the tingles of your life force energy, allowing peace and harmony to flood your whole being. Our womb holds wisdom that expresses itself during each phase of our cycle. ​ Each phase is connected to a different archetype: Week 1: Waxing Moon – Maiden Week 2: Full moon – Mother Week 3: Waning Moon – Queen Week 4: New moon - Elder Knowing more about your cycle and tuning into it, understanding your own body signs can give you a sense of more self-love, being in tune with yourself and self-confident. When you become more aware of yourself you will Intuitively co

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