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Get it Out! Healing Anger & Powerful Emotion

  • 5Weeks
  • 121Steps


Most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, silencing emotions. We feel misunderstood, drained and stuck, when we don’t express our emotions fully. Or when we put on a mask or show hurt, when the core emotion we feel is anger. Suppressed negative emotions lock our energy up in unhealthy ways. Learning how to understand the energy of your fear, anger, sadness, bitterness, and anxiety frees locked up energy, making it available to your vitality. Over the coming 5 weeks grow a toolkit to respond to your emotions and feelings, instead of storing them up. Learn to settle the body. Moving at your own pace. Everything in life is feedback, and unless we acknowledge what our emotions are trying to tell us and give them a space, it’s difficult to understand the lessons we can take from our experiences. We end up carrying them around, buried inside of us, weighing us down, and colouring our world. The authentic you is buried underneath all of that destructive behaviour. This 5- week course will take you deeper, into creating a toolkit that you can integrate into your regular life to help you embrace that part of yourself, and allow everything to hang out. In order to recognize it, and release it. So you can be you, authentically. Each week has a theme and an overview to welcome you into the practices provided. It is self-paced so there is no scheduling needed. All sessions are recorded for your own convenience.

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