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How to know if you're not connected to your breasts...

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you felt connected with your breasts?

Many of us learn to deny our bodies, and often it starts with our breasts. Messages, opinions, judgements that pile up from the moment we come into puberty and they can plant a seed within us. A seed that grows an incongruency, which grows the armour of protection we build around ourselves. In time this leads to a disconnection from our breasts and our body. A festering ground for insecurities, lack of self-esteem, and separation.

When you live a life detached from your body and breasts due to fear, shame and self-judgement, it can leave you feeling unloved, insecure and undesirable. This forms an unhealthy foundation for your relationship with your-Self. When you give yourself space to live life fully embracing them with presence and devotion, a part of you opens and softens to a deeper self-love.

I've noticed that ever since I started talking about my workshops and webinars about re-connecting with your breasts through massage (check out more below) - it triggered all kinds of sudden awareness.

An awareness that not many women have truly wondered about their connection with their breast.... It raises a compassion within me for those who live so disconnected that sometimes their body is literally screaming at them to pay attention and listen.

So I thought I'd ask straight up - do you know whether you are connected to your breasts or not?

I've added some potential signs below that I hope trigger some curiosity within you about your relationship with your breasts. I'm not saying that these are the only signs, but it'll give you a start into this exploration.

1. You feel ashamed of how they look and feel. You feel breastfeeding is unnatural, or you find yourself constantly comparing them to others.

2. Any complications that you’ve experienced has not encouraged you to investigate what is happening within you at a deeper level. This does not mean ignoring medical advice - but in a world where breast cyst removal has become a standard procedure, it’s time to question what is really going on. How we can bring more awareness to the patterns within ourselves and the effect on the body.

3. How often do you think or speak about your breasts? Do you notice the language that you use? What feelings do they evoke inside of you? Do you feel at one with them? Take some time to feel out your actual relationship and beliefs about them.

4. So many women are so detached from their own breasts that it is usually their partners or lovers that notice any potential issues with them. Is this true for you?

5. You experience numbness or feel stuck when trying to connect to them. You cannot feel very much when you (or others) touch them. It could be that you also avoid having them touched by anyone including yourself.

6. You cover them up, hide or ‘strap’ them down as much as possible. It could be a belief systems that makes you feel that they are too large or saggy, or .. What part of your breasts do you accept? What parts don't you?

7. You only give them attention when it’s connected to something sexual, breastfeeding or if something is off health wise. Your relationship is connected to specific actions, people, or functions.


Breast workshops and webinars - check out the next dates here.


The Art of Breast Massage {Workshop}

We create a safe space to open up our heart centers, and give our breasts the loving attention and care they deserve with the power of touch.

For those who want to deepen their awareness with their body, awaken deep feminine energy and for those who feel disconnected, de-sensitized or insecure.

You will learn some simple basics of re-connecting, re-sensitizing, and nourishing your relationship with them. A foundational nourishing self-care routine, with simple massage techniques that you can integrate into your (daily) life. To support a better understanding of your turn-on to life, unlock bottled-up emotions, experience your longing and tap into your love. That is what this course provides. Some fundamental tools, knowledge and practices to get you started with ease.

When a woman is connected to what turns her on, she is in her power.

A regular breasts massage practice will:

  • Expand the intimate knowledge of your breasts

  • Allows space to give yourself loving attention, instead of only giving to others.

  • Allows you to connect deeper into yourself, and to feel your desires and longings

  • Tap into what makes you feel divinely sexy

  • Start to unlock the sensual ecstatic energy flowing inside of you

  • Improve your sex life

  • Release blocked emotions and stagnation

  • Support hormonal balance

  • Deepen your self-care

Bring a long light scarf, your favourite body oil (coconut oil works well), a sarong, a large towel, and loose clothing that you feel sensually comfy in.

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What do you know about your Breasts? {FREE Webinar}

​This talk and guided massage is created to deepen your awareness and re-connect with your breasts.

Walking you through the steps to understand your relationship and begin a journey to give your breasts the loving attention and care they deserve with the power of touch.

Especially for those who want to deepen their awareness with their body, awaken deep feminine energy and for those who feel disconnected, de-sensitized or insecure.

​Sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date for coming dates.

See you soon.

One Love,



Juel helps women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. Creating transformational journeys back to essence.

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