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Cancellations, Rescheduling, Lateness Client will provide Coach with twenty-four (24) hours’ notice if Client will not be available for a scheduled coaching session. Any missed session for which Client does not notify Coach of such a cancellation or rescheduling shall be deemed forfeited and fees remain open due to the above mentioned cancellation. Any session for which Coach and Client are not able to meet due to an error with Client’s equipment or transport (e.g. ZOOM, internet, phone, tram, traffic, etc) shall be deemed forfeited by Client. Lateness for sessions by the client will begin at the start time agreed in advance, not when the client arrives. Full Terms & Conditions on 'Terms & Conditions' link on

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Juel helped me to get in touch with myself, with my emotions, my shadows, my truth. An intense proces but I felt safe all the time thanks to the bubble (safe space) she created for me. Her personal coaching sessions, the anger release course, the circle and the (online) dancing.... it was all part of a wonderful transformation to me and very insightful in general as well. I really learned a lot! Juel is an intelligent and intuitively strong person. She has the tools and the magic to help you feel free. I can warmly recommend her work: her love and energy!

Trixie Hölsgens

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