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Fri, Sep 09



{LIVE COURSE} Conscious Sensuality Series #2: Get it Out! Emotional Release & Aliveness (Amsterdam)

3x Friday evenings of women offloading the weight they carry, tapping into their inner shadow, releasing to give space for the pure feeling of aliveness. As a radical act of self-love, restore the separation between yourself and your core. Explore what's standing in the way of your light and love.

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{LIVE COURSE} Conscious Sensuality Series #2: Get it Out! Emotional Release & Aliveness (Amsterdam)
{LIVE COURSE} Conscious Sensuality Series #2: Get it Out! Emotional Release & Aliveness (Amsterdam)

Time & Location

Sep 09, 2022, 7:30 PM GMT+2 – Sep 23, 2022, 10:00 PM GMT+2

Amsterdam, Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event

Course Dates: Fridays September 2nd, 9th, 16th  @ 19:30-22:00

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**A Feminine Embodiment Course**

Release. Stillness. Womb. Truth. Transform. Re-connect. Love. Unpack. Wisdom. Restore.  Women are wild, passionate, stormy beings. But most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, silencing and burying emotions or putting on masks.

When you attempt life operating from a created public persona detached from the fullness of who you truly are, that masking of your authentic self can be damaging. Leaving you feeling worthless, drained and stuck.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to live without the heavy load of the past that you carry around. To put down the weight of the persona, hurt, anger, shame, blame, grudges, judgement, resentments towards others, and more importantly towards yourself. The lightness and freedom that could arise inside of you when giving yourself that permission.

·  Supressed emotions lock our energy up in unhealthy ways. Releasing frees locked up energy, making it available to your vitality.

·  Forgiveness, of others and yourself, is an act of self-love. Explore the parts within you that need forgiveness.

·  Examine the limiting beliefs that hold you locked up and weighed down, to bring inner wisdom and awareness of how you hurt yourself.

·  Build up the internal safety you require to step more into vulnerability.

In this 3- week course you will work with the truths and energies you carry inside of yourself, bringing healing to wounds and guiding you to take ownership of your wholeness. With loving presence come home to yourself using a broad and varied toolkit of breath-work, practices, and visualisation to integrate into your regular life. Helping you to embrace the unseen parts of yourself, and allow everything to hang out. This creates space to feel alive – a place where you can be you, authentically.

During and after this this course:

·  Re-connecting to your body & honouring it as a sacred space

·  Feel spaciousness inside for self-love

·  Learn meditations and practices to connect you more deeply into your inner world of emotions

·  Explore what stands in the way of your inner truth, power and authenticity

·  Meet your inner shadow, the dark unseen part of you, what you hide

·  Practice a healthier expression and release of your emotion through bodywork, movement, rituals, sounding, interacting with others

·  Flow more effortlessly into directions you want to go

·  Unbind from the unconscious agreements of judgements and criticism

·  Slow down to consciously respond to discomfort or negative patterns with presence

·  Restore energy and self-protection

·  Stronger presence in the yoni

·  Own your needs and reclaim your center

·  Dive deeper into feeling your boundaries and what is healthy for you

·  Learn what you do to repress and control

·  Explore your authentic voice

·  Use tools to acknowledge and express your inner YES and NO (boundaries)

·  Experience more freedom in your body

·  Feel lighter

We will use techniques from feminine arts, tao tantric practices, intuitive healing, energy work, sounding, emotional & body release, NLP, breath work and stillness.

For you to bring with you to the course:

  • something to blindfold yourself with
  • notebook / journal & pen
  • loose clothing that you feel sensually comfy in
  • an extra layer of clothing in case you get cold
  • socks

THE CONSCIOUS SENSUALITY SERIES: Courses in Feminine Embodiment

Do you feel free to be you? Are you ready to take the time to get to know yourself better? Explore what is standing in the way of your light and love.

The Conscious Sensuality Series is an invitation to take time for you. To step out of the modern day world, slow down to what is present inside of you, and get to know what works for you so you can take care of yourself. It is an exploration of the grey area between the pureness of joy and the pain of when life knocks you down. The blissful stillness, and peaceful inner power that comes when you have the conscious tools and practices to acknowledge, feel, embrace, and embody life as it unfolds.

When you approach life grounded in your core, you discover a flexibility within your mind-body-soul being. You learn to better understand the signals, patterns, intuition, and wisdom that exists inside of you. Then energy flows. When you block it, with fear, guilt, negative self-talk, and judgement … it can leave you feeling exhausted, disconnected, small, stuck, and overwhelmed.

Within these courses, you can more and more easily surrender to life. Learn practices and rituals that you can integrate into your daily life. A varied toolkit to unlearn your tendency to make yourself smaller or adjust to your world at your own expense. Finding space to nourish the feminine energy inside of you and experience your exuberance. A profound rite of self-love, healing and pleasure.

The series is open to all women, or those who identify as women. We build the circle together in sisterhood, so you can come alone, or bring friends.

What to expect?

Meditations, visualisations, practices, rituals, movement, and dance inspired by Feminine Arts, Afro-Carib Healing Arts, Breath work, Tao Tantric Arts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness, grounded within the healing and coaching work I do. I will provide you with exercises, practices, and rituals that you can use for your personal benefit, as a learning experience, to challenge yourself, and to step into more authentic and pleasurable states of being.

What you need?

A notebook / journal and pen. Soft, flowing clothing that is easy to move in, and make you feel feminine – whatever that means to you. A scarf or sweater to keep warm. No specific experience is required, an attitude to be open to explore, and a conscientious respect for the journey of others.

For Who?

This course is open to join in at any moment, without having completed any of the other courses in the series. It is not necessary, though preferable, to do the courses in sequence. They have been designed to build upon each other.

Price: 97.50EUR


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