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Conscious Sensuality

Save your Seat🤍

Slow down to the body rhythm. Truly feeling and honoring the light and dark of what is happening inside of you. Discover how that energy and stillness flow within the sensual body.

Your body is your sacred temple, worthy of great care, curiosity and love

When you consciously practice dropping into, feeling and moving with this body you live in, you meet the wild untamed part that lives within you, your sensual. 

In this practice, we work with being in the present, inviting and embodying what is. You will explore your entire being through mindful movement and stillness – movement therapy. In this gentle way physicality, energy, sensation, power, pleasure and ecstasy can be re-awakened inside of you. 

There is a deeper listening that comes when we allow ourselves to slow down. We are forced to take a step back from our lives right now, and some of us may not welcome it or that it adds to fear. 

Tonight. I invite you to slow down. To awaken your sensuality, ignite your feminine energy, and experience this moving meditation. Open up to yourself!

Save your Seat🤍

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